Code: 16x04
Title: A Taste of Poison
Parts: 1
Index: 640
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury
Enemy: Rantipede
Airdate: March 3, 2008
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Camille gathers the Five Fingers of Poison, as Dai Shi requested. The five are ordered to spread fear in the city. Casey & Lily have some messy playful fun at the Pizza Parol. When the Five Poisons attack the city, the Rangers jump into action. The Five Fingers of Poison take on their true forms, and prepare to fight the Rangers. The Rangers bust out their weapons and take on the beasts. The Poisons are too strong and the Rangers are forced to retreat. The team escapes to a rock quarry, but. . . the Poisons and Dai Shi catch up to them. Both Dai Shi & Casey morph and begin battling one another. The Red Ranger is not match for Dai Shi. To make matters worse, Stingerella injects Casey with her poison before her & the others leave. At the loft, Lily tends to Casey. RJ also informs Casey that he's working on something new for him. After turning in for the night, Lily has a nightmare about Casey being beaten by Dai Shi. This only adds to her worries for Casey. Inside Dai Shi's temple, the Five Poisons are frustrated that they can't destroy the Rangers their own way. But Rantipede decides to go out and take on the Rangers himself. After the sensors pick up on Rantipede at the beach, Lily goes by herself without telling the others. But it isn't long until Casey & Theo find out that Lily's gone. The Yellow Ranger and Rantipede square off. Yellow continues to dish it out with her Jungle Bo. Red & Blue show up to find that Yellow Ranger has got things covered. When Rantipede summons an army of Rinshi Warriors, the Red Ranger busts out the new Strike Rider. Dai Shi sends Camille to bring Rantipede back, but first she has to deal with the Red Ranger & his bike. With the Strike Rider's Attack Mode, Camille is taken care of quickly. While the Blue & Red Rangers are handling the Rinshi, the Yellow Ranger is finishing off Rantipede. But the bug isn't done yet. Rantipede reveals his real face and grows huge. The Rangers form the Jungle Pride Megazord and the battle is on, with commentary from are little friend Flit. They go at it with rapid jabs. Rantipede uses his long neck to bind the Jungle Pride. But the Rangers break free and finish off Rantipede with the Savage Spin. RJ punishes Lily for going on her own, by having her clean the dishes. But Casey is flattered that Lily has a crush on him. Lily explains that Casey is more like a little brother to her. So, since Casey is like Lily's little brother, Casey decides to treat Lily like he does his sisters. And the two are back where they started, making another mess.