RPM-Croc Carrier
Croc Carrier
Number: 6
Pilot/Summoner: Ranger Operator Series Green &
Ranger Operator Series Black
Season: Power Rangers: R.P.M.
Length: 72.7 m
Width: 19 m
Height: 10.7 m
Weight: 2000 tons
Speed: 300

The Crocodile Carrier Zord is a Zord controlled by both the Green & Black Rangers. It is a Carrier Vehicle with the Spirit of a Crocodile. By placing the two Crocodile Engine Cells into the Zord, the Zord powers up and is ready to be piloted. It can be operated without a Ranger Pilot thanks to the Remote Flux Overthruster Reactor that Scott retrieved from outside the city. The Carrier Zord can carry the Tail Spinner & Wolf Cruiser Zords into battle on it's back.

When the ValveMax Megazord is formed, the Crocodile Carrier Zord becomes legs, body & head.