Engine Cell Morph ChipsEdit

These Chips are used by the RPM team to morph them into Rangers. To do so, our heroes place these chips into their Morphers, and then activate them. The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers use the Blue Morph Chip, while the Green & Black Rangers use the Green Morph Chip. The Gold & Silver Rangers use the Red Chip with the Winged Emblem.

Engine Cell ChipsEdit

These Engine Cell Chips are what the Rangers use to power their Zords & Weapons. Once the Chip is placed into the Zord, the Zord is powered on and ready to be piloted. If the Chip is placed into one of the weapons, the Rangers are able to fire an blast with the power from that chip.

Engine Cell Blaster ChipEdit

This Blaster Chip is used when the Rangers form the Zenith Megazord. To use the Megazord's finishing attack, the Rangers morph their steering wheels into the Wheel Blaster, and then load the blaster with the Blaster Chip. The chip then allows the Zenith Megazord to fire out a powerful blast from all six Zords.

Road Attack Zord Engine CellEdit

This Engine Cell is used to power up and bring the Road Attack Zord online.