RPM-Falcon Copter
Falcon Copter
Number: 7
Pilot/Summoner: Ranger Operator Series Gold
Season: Power Rangers: R.P.M.
Length: 34.2 m
Width: 24.6 m
Height: 14.1 m
Weight: 800 tons
Speed: Mach 1

The Falcon Copter Zord is the Gold Ranger's helicopter style Zord. By placing the the Falcon Engine Cells into the Zord, the Zord powers up and is ready to be piloted. It is equipped with powerful rockets and lasers, and is capable of high speed aerial combat.

When the Mach Megazord is formed, the Falcon Copter Zord becomes right arm.

The Falcon Copter & Tiger Jet Zords can combine with the High Octane Megazord, giving the Megazord a powerful bow & arrow kind of attack.