General Crunch
General Crunch
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Power Rangers: R.P.M.
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Road To Corinth
Last Appearance: Danger and Destiny (2)
Number of Episode
Actor: Charlie McDermott

General Crunch is one of Venjix's two loyal commanding Generals. However, he is not to bright and gets confused easily. After Venjix decided that both General Crunch & General Shifter had become obsolete, they were blasted & destroyed.

After sometime though, both generals were rebuilt and given their positions back in Venjix' evil machine order.

Crunch went with Venjix and the other evil forces during the final battle in Corinth. His main job was to protect the entrance to the Control Tower. After Tenaya had been cured of the Venjix Virus and was again on the Ranger's side, she managed to enter the tower to help bring Venjix down. But when Crunch soon learned of her betrayal, he went to destroy her in the then falling tower. Tenaya was able to hold him off a bit. Dillon then arrived and rescued his sister. As the tower fell, Dillon & Tenaya parachuted out of it. Crunch was left inside the tower as it fell to the ground and exploded, destroying both him and Venjix.