A Taste of PoisonAncient HistoryAnd... Action!
Anglerfish RinshiArise the Crystal EyesAt All Cost
Attack ZordBad to the BoneBadrat
Bai LaiBalloon BotBarrakooza
Bat Spirit RangerBear CrawlerBehind the Scenes
Belly of the BeastBengloBeyond a Doubt
Blind Leading the BlindBlitzBlue Ranger, Twin Danger
BonesBoom BotBoth Sides Now
Broiler BotBrother´s KeeperBuffalord
Cackatrice MonsterCamera Attack BotCamille
Can't Win Them AllCardenCarnisoar
Casey RhodesCell Shift MorpherCheetah Animal Spirit
CheetarChemical BotChimera Bot
Claw BoostersClaw CannonCloud Hatchet
Colonel Mason TrumanCommander Bot Final FormControl - Alt - Delete
CrazarCroc CarrierCrocovile (PRJF)
Crown and PunishmentCrustaceoDai Shi
Dance the Night AwayDanger and DestinyDannny Cooksey
Danny CookseyDash for the DaggerDay of the Dumpster
DillonDoctor KDominic Hargan
Don't Blow That DoughDowser BotDr. K
Drill BotDumbbell BotDyna Bot
DynamirEagle RacerElephant Spirit Ranger
EmbodiedEnd GameEnergy Bot
Engine Cell ChipsFace to FaceFade to Black
Falcon CopterFear and the PhantomsFlit
FluriousFlynn McAllistairFollow the Ranger
Fox RinshiFranFriends Don't Fade Away
GakkoGat BotGem
GemmaGeneral CrunchGeneral Shifter
Generation 5 Attack BotGhost of a ChanceGhosts
GiantGo For the GreenGood Karma, Bad Karma
Gopher BotGrinderGrinders
GrizzakaHamhockHammer Bot
HandshakeHeart of BlueHeat Bot
Heroes Among UsHigh FiveHigh Octane Megazord
Home and AwayHyper BotIf Venjix Won
In or OutIt's Hammer TimeJaguar Animal Spirit
JarrodJellicaJungle Bo
Jungle Master ModeJungle TonfaJunglechucks
Just Like MeKamdorKey to the Past
Kick Into OverdriveKilobyteKnight Bot
LepusLightning BotLights, Camera, DAX
Lily ChilmanLion HaulerMach Megazord
MagnetronMan of MercuryManhole Bot
MantorMaryl and the MonkeysMaster Finn
Master GuinMaster LopeMaster Mao
Master PhantMaster RillaMaster Swoop
MigMighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Animated Cartoon SeriesMighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1
Nitro BlasterNo "I" in LeaderNorg
Not So SimpleNothing to LoseNow the Final Fury
Noz BotOil BotOnce a Ranger
One Fine DayOne Gets AwayOne Last Second Chance
One Master too ManyOsirisOut of Luck
PaleoMax MegazordPaleozordPangolin
Path of the RhinoPath of the RighteousPirate in Pink
Pizza Slice of LifePorcupongoPower Rangers: Jungle Fury
Power Rangers: Lightspeed RescuePower Rangers: Operation OverdrivePower Rangers: R.P.M.
Power Rangers SeriesPower Rangers WikiPrisoners
Pump BotPushed to the EdgeR.P.M. Enforcer
RPM UltrazordRace to the NexusRail Blaster
Rail SaberRainRammer
Ranger BlueRanger GreenRanger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Bio-suit
Ranger RedRanger YellowRantipede
Red Ranger UnpluggedRed Shadow Guard IRed Shadow Guard II
Reflects BotRev MorpherRhino Morpher
Richard HorvitzRinshiRita Repulsa
Road Attack ZordRoad BlasterRobert James
Rocket BlasterRonny on EmptyRoto Bot
Run Ziggy RunSat BotSaw Bot
ScorchScott TrumanShadow Guard Blue
Shadow Guard WhiteShark Spirit RangerSigh of the Tiger
SkyRev MegazordSkyShift BlazerSkywing Morpher
SlickagonSnapperSolar Morphers
SonimaxStingerellaStreet Saber
Strike RiderSummer LandsdownSuper Animal Spirit
Tail SpinnerTenaya 7Textile Bot
The Dome DollsThe Road to CorinthThe Spirit of Kindness
The Underwater WorldTheo MartinThings Not Said
ThraxThree's a CrowdTiger Animal Spirit
Tiger Battle ClawsTiger JetTigers Fall, Lions Rise
To Earn Your StripesToadyTrue Friends, True Spirits
Turbo AxeTurbo CannonTurbo Plasma Launcher
Two Fallen FoesUnidoomVacuum Bot
ValveMax MegazordVenjixWater Hoser
Way Back WhenWay of the MasterWeather or Not
Welcome to the JungleWhale ZordWheel Blaster
Wolf CruiserWolf Morpher (PRJF)Zenith Megazord
Ziggy GroverZip Charger
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