Code: 16x21
Title: Race to the Nexus
Parts: 1
Index: 657
Season: Power Rangers: Jungle Fury
Enemy: The Overlords
Airdate: July 21, 2008
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Jellica discovers Dai Shi has escaped. Meanwhile, Carnisoar is busy overseeing a special room dealing with the three Crystal Eyes. The Rangers are traveling first class, via the Jungle Master with Bat Power, to the Rhino Nexus. While the Rangers & the Overlords are on their way to the Nexus, Dai Shi & Camille all ready have a head start. But as the evil duo make their way forward, they are attacked by Sand Snakes. Dai Shi is about to attack with the Control Dagger, when the weapon somehow makes the snakes stop. The Rangers get hit and passed by the Overlords. The Overlords land and Grizzaka begins battling Dai Shi & Camille. Grizzaka grows and is about to crush Dai Shi & Camille, when the Rangers show up and begin battling the overlord. Grizzaka knocks the Rangers out of the Megazord, and the overlords prepare to attack them. Luckily the Sand Snakes show up and drag the overlords underground. Jellica & Carnisoar quickly break free. The Rhino Ranger handles Jellica, while the others deal with Carnisoar. The Ranger try combining their fire power, but it still isn't enough to beat Carnisoar. Carnisoar then transports them to his world of illusions where the Rangers can't tell who's their friend, and who's Carnisoar. Camille and Dai Shi reach the Nexus. With the Control Dagger, Dai Shi is able to lower the force field. The battle with Jellica continues, with neither warrior backing down. Back with the others, the Red Ranger uses his Tiger Instincts to attack the real Carnisoar and break them out of the illusion world. Rhino Rangers uses the Super Blade attack to weaken Jellica, and continue to the Nexus. Dai Shi & Camille make it to the top where they find a large Rhino statue. Dai Shi tries to place the Control Dagger in the keyhole, but he's too evil and is blasted back. But he has gained some power though. But Dominic shows up and is able to unlock the Rhino Power. And the Rhino Steel Zord is freed. The battle with Carnisoar has gotten big, and it isn't going good for the Rangers. The Rangers are down and without Megazords. But the Rhino Ranger and his new Zord arrive to take on the Sky Overlord. Camille and Dai Shi watch the fight, as Dai Shi realizes he now has full Zocato power. The Rhino Steel Zord morphs to its Warrior Mode, the Rhino Pride Megazord. The battle is on. And with the Rhino Steel Blade Attack, Carnisoar is destroyed. Even though Dai Shi did not get the Rhino Power, he's still quite pleased to be rid of Carnisoar, as well as having his Zocato power. But Grizzaka finally manages to break free from the ground.