RPM-Whale Zord
Whale Zord
Number: 9
Pilot/Summoner: Ranger Operator Series Gold &
Ranger Operator Series Silver
Season: Power Rangers: R.P.M.
Length: 59.8 to 39.1 m
Width: 82 to 89.5 m
Height: n/a m
Weight: 1400 tons
Speed: 800 km/h to 999 km/h

The Whale Zord was first constructed by Venjix forces as a Doomsday machine. The Rangers learned that once the vehicle became airborne, they would never have enough fire power to destroy it. Plus, even if they could destroy it, Venjix would just build a new out, still leaving the team out powered.

The Rangers went on a mission in Sector 17 of the Wastelands to free the prisoners from the factory, find & save Dillon's sister and destroy the Doomsday weapon. However, Dr. K changed the plan. She had Gem & Gemma go to the main terminal for the factory and connect a flash drive. This allowed her & the twins to reprogram the weapon with the DNA Basecode of a Blue Whale. It was infused with the organic bio foundation that can fuse with the Ranger hardware. This turned the evil weapon into a Whale Zord for the Rangers.

The Zord is a giant jumbo jet style Zord. By placing the the Whale Engine Cells into the Zord, the Zord powers up and is ready to be remote piloted. It is a massive armored aerial attack vehicle, equipped with 200 Milometer Laser Cannons, dual landing strips for landing & refueling of drones, and a frequency scrambling disc. Plus it can even change modes to use it's powerful Burst Attack. Finally, the Whale Zord is also equipped with Water Spouts to help extinguish fires.

When the Mach Megazord is formed, the Whale Zord becomes the majority of the body, with the Falcon & Tiger Jet Zords forming the arms.